Recent Updates to

14 November 2007 Several New Galleries!
Added TEN new galleries for New Mexico in Communities and Outdoors. Also added a Black & White gallery in the General section. There are 60 new photos in the Santa Fe gallery alone, plus 38 new photos in White Sands National Monument. Plus many more in the other new galleries. Look for -New Mexico- as a separate section under both Communities and Outdoors. The New Mexico photos are from a trip we took near the end of September and the first week in October 2007.
11 June 2007 New Gallery!
Added Tohono Chul Park to the Outdoors section. Tohono Chul Park is a desert botanical garden in north Tucson. We were there on 30 April 2007. The weather was nice and there were a lot of things blooming. It is best to get there right when they open at 8 AM, or if you get there before 5 PM you can stay until sunset.
22 January 2007 New Gallery!
Added Snow in the Desert to the Outdoors section. Sunday night through Monday morning, 21 & 22 January 2007, Cochise County received some snow. After making my way to work on the icy roads Monday morning, the powers that be decided to close Fort Huachuca and send everyone home. I took the rock and building photos while still at work before the word came to leave. Most of the mountain photos were taken on my way home.
7 January 2007 Re-worked Photos
I am slowly re-working the older photos on the site so that their size at least fills the available space. So far, I've done all the 'B' communities: Benson, Bisbee, and Bowie. Bisbee and Bowie both have "new" photos added, as well. They are not new as in recent, but are old photos that I decided to add after looking at them again. Sadly, the camera I had when I took the majority of the Bisbee photos was my first digital camera and was very low resolution, and it shows.
17 January 2006 New Gallery!
Added Parker Canyon Lake to the Outdoors section. Photos from the old DesertAura website have been re-processed from the originals. They are now larger and more vibrant.
16 January 2006 Design Tweek and New Gallery
After receiving email from some concerned visitors that they could not see the photo commentary portion of the screen, I tweeked the size of some of the frames in order to free up a little more space for the commentary frame to show. The website was designed for a screen resolution of 1280x960; therefore, if your screen resolution setting is less than that, the commentary frame at the bottom of the page may appear very tiny, with only one line of text visible. If this is still a problem even after this design tweek, I suggest that while viewing, you choose the Full Screen option from the View menu in your web browser (or press the F11 key). When finished viewing DesertAura, you can press F11 again to return to your normal settings. A more permanent solution would be to change your screen resolution to 1280x960 (available from your desktop properties dialog box; see "Viewing Problems?" on the Information page of DesertAura for instructions).

I've added the first gallery in the Outdoors section: Ramsey Canyon. There are several new photos that were taken in June 2005, plus I've re-processed and enlarged most of the old Ramsey Canyon photos from February 2000 that were previously on DesertAura.
02 January 2006 Two New Galleries
Two new galleries were added to the Events section: Cars in the Park and Christmas Parade. Both events take place in Sierra Vista, AZ, annually. Cars in the Park is in October and the Christmas Parade (they call it a holiday parade, but what do they know) is in December.
01 January 2006 Totally New Look! has been redesigned. The new design will be easier for you to navigate and easier for me to update. The goal of the new DesertAura is different, too. It is no longer intended to document things like residential areas, business districts, public services, and parks. The new goal is simply to display some interesting photographs from different areas. As a result, the photographs that were strictly documentary in nature with little or no photographic appeal have been removed. New photos will be added over time. Galleries that receive new photos will be announced here as they are updated. May new visitors and returning visitors continue to enjoy the sights around Cochise County and places beyond, that are displayed here in photographs. I wish you all a happy and God-blessed New Year.